May 09, 2023

Buying Used Planting Equipment: What to Consider Before Planting Season

     Starting the growing season with reliable planting equipment is essential for farmers to get the crops in the ground. However, purchasing new equipment can be expensive, and not all producers can afford it. This is where buying used planting equipment comes in as a viable option. When done right, it can help farmers save money while still getting the necessary tools for planting. But before making a purchase, there are several factors to consider to ensure the used equipment is reliable and cost-effective. In this article, we’ll discuss what to consider when buying used equipment before planting season kicks off.  

Age and Usage History The age of the equipment and its usage history is an essential factor to consider when buying used. It's always best to know how long the equipment has been in use and how frequently it has been used. An older piece of equipment may have a shorter lifespan and may not be worth the investment. Moreover, the history of the equipment can tell you whether it has been well-maintained, serviced regularly, or had any major repairs. BigIron listings include more than 50 images of each item as well as a detailed description to ensure bidders have the necessary information needed to bid with confidence.

Condition of the Equipment When purchasing used planting equipment, it's essential that it’s thoroughly inspected. Is there any damage or wear and tear, including broken or missing parts, rust, and corrosion? With more than 50 equipment images included with each listing, bidders can be sure of the equipment’s condition. However, if there are questions, contact information for the seller and BigIron sales rep are listed for each item.

Price and Value for Money Auctions offer a transparent marketing place. They can be a great opportunity for buyers to get a piece of equipment at great value if they do their research beforehand and are prepared to bid competitively.  

Purchasing a used planter can be a smart move for farmers looking to save money while still getting the necessary tools for planting. However, it's essential to consider the factors mentioned above to ensure that the equipment is reliable and cost-effective. If you’re looking to buy used planting equipment or any other farm machinery, BigIron sells thousands of pieces of farm equipment online every Wednesday. 

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Published by BigIron Auctions May 9, 2023
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