July 14, 2023

BigIron Delights sellers with Johnson County, Nebraska Farm Auction

A recent BigIron auction has brought to light a remarkable opportunity for aspiring farmers and landowners. The auction showcased a highly productive, tiled, and terraced irrigated farm located in Johnson County, Nebraska, in the southeast corner of the state. With a rich history spanning over six decades in the Fritz family, this farm boasts excellent features, including top-notch irrigation equipment, fertile soil, and a track record of impressive crop yields. The auction attracted numerous buyers, and the final sale price exceeded expectations, leaving the sellers, Grace and Ken Burgert, thrilled. 

The farm comprised 115 acres of cropland, with 110 irrigated acres and produced an estimated 225 bushels of corn per acre or 65 bushels of soybeans per acre. With such promising attributes, this farm was an enticing addition to any farming operation, guaranteeing significant returns for years to come.

Grace and Ken Burgert, the sellers of this remarkable farm, expressed their satisfaction with BigIron's services and the auction outcome. “My husband and I expected this property would sell in the $10,500-$11,500/acre range but instead it sold for $12,600/acre. We’re obviously pleased with the final sale price of the property! I believe that this outstanding sale price was achieved by the extensive advertising that was conducted by BigIron Real Estate Agent, Shayne Zutavern and the supportive BigIron team. I believe the exposure of our property on their website as well as several direct mailing pieces to targeted buyers was key to the successful sale price,” Grace commented. Grace commended the professional way BigIron handled the organizational meetings and planning sessions. The prompt and efficient communication from Shayne also played a significant role in their positive experience.

With this sale, BigIron has once again demonstrated its commitment to providing exceptional services to both buyers and sellers in the agricultural industry. “Thank you again to the whole BigIron team for a job well done. I would recommend BigIron to anyone interested in selling their property,” Grace stated.    

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Published by BigIron Auctions July 14, 2023
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